And It Is My Fault by Janet Towle

Sometimes PJ imagined herself as an embryo, floating in a tempered glass tube in a laboratory somewhere off the coast of northern California, imagined the blank-faced string-pullers of the universe pausing to give her parents a disclaimer...

Mostly Sunny (with a Slight Chance of Rain) by Chelsea Catherine

Everyone thinks my thirteen-year-old sister can predict the weather. But she’s told me, hours after standing in the wheat fields with arms outstretched, face tilted to the sky, that she has no idea what she’s doing. She just likes the routine of it and happens to predict right most times.

A Wave Breaking by Phoebe Driscoll

Aiden weighed 104 pounds and the gap between his front teeth seemed to widen every time he checked with his tongue. He had a place that belonged to him in a private and warm way: Byhalia, Mississippi.

Premium Edition Features

+New Poetry:
Meaning of: Sweet by Patrick Kindig
Hails from Corpus Christi by Jose Araguz
[Someone dreams about comics] by Kallie Falandays
The Story of a Killing and Late Sunday Evening by Joe Woodward
+New Nonfiction:
As for Me and My House by LaTanya McQueen
Marque and Reprisal, by Anthony Mohr
+One to Watch:
Girls With Pens, interview with Carolyn Cohagan
+Story Statshots and interviews with short story authors

Premium Edition Features

+New Poetry:
Theft by Kelsi Villarreal
The Dinner Party by Allison Seay
Hay and The Night is Large by Annie Lighthart
Impeccable Abundance of Morning by Naomi Shihab Nye
Sunrise, Banana, Chair by Bonnie West
+One to Watch:
The Head Count by Henry Hoke
+Premium Edition Contest winners featuring: 
The Reluctant Son of a Fake Hero by Joseph Dornich (Fiction)
Pirating (Salt Enough) by Moira Thielking (Poetry)
Martin by Kerry Muir (Nonfiction)
+Story Statshots and interviews with short story authors