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Fall 2019

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Claire Fuller

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Summer 2019

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Spring 2019

Featuring the winners of the 2018 Prose & Poetry Contest

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Winter 2019

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Fall 2018

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Susan Perabo

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Summer 2018


Spring 2018

With Winners of the Prose & Poetry Contest feat. guest judges EJ Levy, Tomás Q. Morín, and Matthew Vollmer


Winter 2018


Fall 2017

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Pinckney Benedict

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Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Fall 2016

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Caitlin Horrocks

Summer 2016

Spring 2016

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Andre Dubus III

Summer 2015

Spring 2015

Winter 2015

Fall 2014

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Aimee Bender

Summer 2014

Spring 2014

Includes Winner of 2014 Esoteric Contest Theme: UK-inspired

Winter 2013

Fall 2013

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Christopher Castellani

Summer 2013

Spring 2013

2013 Esoteric Contest Theme: Natural Disaster

Winter 2012

Fall 2012

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Bridget Boland

Summer 2012


Spring 2012

2012 Esoteric Contest Theme: LGBT

Winter 2011


Fall 2011

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Julie Hersh

Summer 2011


Spring 2011


Winter 2010

Raymond Carver Contest judged by Editor-in-Chief

Fall 2010


Carve was on hiatus from late 2009 - mid 2010 and did not publish new issues.


Summer 2009

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Melvin Sterne

Spring 2009


Winter 2008


Fall 2008

Raymond Carver Contest - feat. guest judge Cristina Henriquez

Summer 2008


Spring 2008


Winter 2007

Raymond Carver Contest feat. guest judge Ben Fountain

Fall 2007


Summer 2007


Spring 2007

2000 - 2006 Archives

What happened to the rest of the stories?

In 2007, when founding editor Melvin Sterne handed over operations to Matthew Limpede, there was a glitch on the CD containing the stories and a subsequent hard drive meltdown, and electronic copies of the stories were lost. We are very sorry for this unfortunate and irreversible error.

A table of contents for each issue is available for stories published in 2000-2006.

2006 - Volume VII

November / Issue VI September / Issue V July / Issue IV

Trashy Desires of Women Nearing Fifty by Xu Xi
Summer’s Over by Mary Winsor
Awash in Love by Jane Buchan
Healing Waters by Dorene O’Brien
Under Libby’s Bonnet by Elizabeth K. Severn
The B-63 by Thomas Lisenbee
The Weighing of the Heart by James W. Brown
Rain by Wayne L. Price
Yum Yum Git You Some by Dustin Wells
The Naming of Mountains by W.J.Wilkinson

In the Old World by Robert F. James
Titties by Kay Sexton
Save Your Breath by Rick Hill
Egalite by Gustavo Bondoni
There Was Wayne by Aaron Hellem
She Had a Way With Plants by Karin Falcone
Comprehension by Man Martin
Rope by Adam Cushman
Ko Phuket by John C. Sakellar
Wiffle by Eric Vrooman
Afterwards by Laurie Mazzaferro
Dangerous Story by David Watts
Ambush by Mark Tonsetic
Anne and Morgana, Rose and Pierre
by Patricia Gilmartin Patterson
Blue Devil by Brad Koski
Losing Control by Penny Feeny
Mandy by Susan R. Thornton
A Simplified Map of the Real World by Steven Allred
Pearl by M.A. Leighton
Temporary Assistant Professor of English by William Ryderr
Silent Witness by Jay Boyer
Tips by Mike Lubow
Chasing the Vixen by Alex Keegan
The Wager by Allison Barrett
May / Issue III
Carver Awards Edition
March / Issue II January / Issue I
The Understory by Tim Horvath (1st)
Notebook 366 by Michael Horner (2nd)
The Taj Mahal by Jim Thomson (3rd)
Western Union by Charles McLeod
The Galician by Linda M. Rodriguez Guglielmoni
Bridge by Eric Vrooman
In Zugzwang by S. Frederic Liss
All Songs Singing by Therese Stanton
A Summer Tale by Leslee Becker
How to Be Sure You Want to Be a Farm Girl by Catherine Elcik
A Map of the Area by Emily Franklin
City of Mr. Jiang by Louis Malloy
Miss Molly by Judy Crozier
Crash by Michele Melnick
Trespass by Judy Wilson
Associations by Chris Przybyszewski
Exit Strategies by Richard Peabody
Separated by Gail Chehab
Lousy Tee by Ken Pisani
SGGG by Kathy Karlson
Bicycle Riding by Zdravka Evtimovw
The Birthday Knife by Sean Gallagher
Janaki by Vijay Lakshmi
For Days on End by Jeff Tannen
Devil’s Gorge by Don Lowe
After Party by R.J. Comer
National Remnants Co. by Mark Esrig
Security by Sean Hoade
The Silent Treatment by Stephanie Reents
You People by Linda Dhavan
Jayne With a Y by Steve McBrearty
One Small Step by Susan Dugan
In The Kingdom by Rosemary Berkeley
A Red Chair for Sleeping by E. Echararria
Ian’s Fortune by Shelly Massanoble
The Life Coach by Mike Markel
Missionaries by J.E. Ogle
Her World by Caroline Kepnes
The Squirrel and the Crow by Lee Sterne


2005 - Volume VI

November / Issue VI September / Issue V July / Issue IV

Moments of Truth by Dina Mehta
Park Pelican Vanishes by Sharon Zink
The Flesh and the Devil by Desmon Meiring
Half a Day in Halifax by Scott Nadelson
Rome by Lizzie Harwood
Separate But Equal by Kris Broughton
The Ladder Mike Lubow
The Sea Cure by Peter Selgin
A Map of the Area by Emily Franklin
Claws by Bryan Islip
Monday by Scott Goldberg
City of Mr. Jiang by Louis Malloy

A Line of Boxes by W.H. Saayman
Landlady Letters by Marsh Rose
Runner by Aaron Sitze
Taking Care of the Boat by Paul Currion
Scraps by Bill Ransom
Fall Away Jump Shot by Laurel Ostrow
The Cello Player by J.D. Blair
ISO Clarence by Amy L. Mowrey
The Brother King by H.E. Lowe
The Tower by Susan A. O’Doherty
Loyalty by John Minichillo
Storms by Uma Dasgupta
Her Special Trip by Rochelle Ratner
Flying Angels by Deborah Bauer
The Secret Life of Peonies by Catherine Blackwell
The Venetian Mask by Valerie Smith
Too Close For Comfort by Barry Baldwin
Peerless in Africa by Rhoda Weber Mack
Wrightsville by Raymond Morrison
The Velvet Keyhole by Ian Madden
As Normal as Rhubarb Pie by Bill Miles
Orfevre by Dana Liu
May / Issue III
Carver Awards Edition
March / Issue II January / Issue I

Slipknot by Adam Stumacher (1st)
This Melancholy Bait by Peter Fong (2nd)
A Heart Like Sarajevo by Stephanie Kallos (3rd)
First the Chicken by Judy Crozier (Best Story by a non-North American Author)
Personal Effects by Bryan Meckley (Editor’s Choice Award)
Way Past Taggin’ by Dorene O’Brien
Death and the Maiden by Paul Cronin
Aboriginal Highway by Susan Montiel
Jersey Cowboy by Robert S. Williams
Chrysalis by Louella Bryant

Push by Jodi Angel
Party by Sartre by Richard Rothman
Contigo by Nicole Caroll
The Writer and the Sellers by Mary Kalfatovic
Rabbil by Soma Guha
Trouble With the Magi by Thomas Benz
Secret by Miriam Kotzin
Remorse by Mark Kjeldgaard
The Bunny Cage by Jane Ratcliffe
Your Mother’s Smile by B.H. Ebert
The Mechanisms by Srdan Papic
Floaters by Sara Fraser
The Funeralgoer by Benjamin Percy
The Object of Desire by Susanne Davis
How Not to be Deflowered by Cherise Saywell
Cider by Bernadette Smyth
Home by Ned Bachus
Sepia by Katy Darby
Romantic Getaway by Pierre Hauser
A Fortnight in Whistable by Crin Claxton
Ain’t Nothing a Plumber Can’t Fix by Bill Miles
What Happens Next by Gail Bartley
Weather is Large by Ronder Thomas Young
Chez Whitey’s by John Colagrande, Jr.


2004 - Volume V

November / Issue VI September / Issue V July / Issue IV

Tumble Dry, Low Heat by Christiana Langenberg
Before Light by Vincent Lam
One of the Guys by Bruce Taylor
How You See It by Joanne Miller
Mastering the Swedish Fall by Kathryn carissimi
Yellow Ochre by Sean Mackel
H-U-S-T-L-I-N-G by Dustin Wells
Temporary Dwellings by Margo Feeley
La-Z-Boy by Stace Budzko
The Scar by Gary Guinn
Naked by Suzy Spraker
Bereft by Linda Holmes

Little Bighorn by Twister Marquiss
The Bloom Exotic by Lisa Siegel
The Prodigal by Laura Hunter
X-Ray by Jamey Genna
How to Avoid Sex by Cyn Kitchen
Death of an Illicit Lover by Robert Daseler
Sunstroked by Grace Jolliffe
A Foot of Land by Robin Winick
The Small Shriveled Eyes by Catherine McNamara
Dog Door by David Sroaf
Sadistic Shoes by Phoebe Kate Foster
When Every Part of You Breaks by Anne Leigh Parrish
At the Strip by Melanie Culbertson
I Am Eve by Chavie Fiszer
Infidelity by G.K. Wuori
Dasturi by Desmond Meiring
Missing Persons by Rose Glickman
The Sanskrit Teacher by Kumkum Amin
Suffer Little Children by Judi Moore
Allegiances by J. Boyer
Tomorrow is Another Day by Anonymous
Radioactive by Beth Manca
Learning to Cook by Miranda Hersey
What Follows by Christopher Shelley
May / Issue III
Carver Awards Edition
March / Issue II January / Issue I
Gratitude Contest
Halfsies by Mary Winsor (1st)
Bone to Bone by Clarinda Harriss (2nd)
Catch and Release by Lynn Stegner (3rd)
Mrs. Jordan’s Summer Vacation by Kate Braverman (Editor’s Choice)
Songs of the Sea by Brian Dixon (Best Story by non-North American)
Wart’s Ugly by Jane Eaton Hamilton
Pachang Creek by Yunny Chen
Seeds of Destruction by Kerry Madden
Church Burning by Guy Thorvaldsen
Dancing Man by Sallie Bingham
Chisanbop by Jeffrey Stayton
Diver Down by Bev Vincent
Death of the Rabbits by Mariana Romo-Carmona
AKA by Richard Heady
A Day in the Life of Michael Burns by Joseph DeQuatro
The Widower by Will Gorham
Where We Go From Here by Katya  Uroff
The Beatification of Ali Obeid by Andrew McKenna
The Catalyst by Grettir Jacobs
What I Have Always Remembered by Heather Fleming
Looking for Margarita by John Cologrande, Jr.
God Helps Those by Rebecca Cook
Breakfast at Denny’s by Sara Lippmann
Writing Exercise by Frank Vick
Cockroaches by Jeffrey Faas
Saved by Bob Sloan
What We Don’t Discuss by Judith Beck
Verisimilitude by Audrey P. Johnson
Babu Bara Takka by Murzban Shroff
Kanashibari by Colin O’Sullivan
A Response to My New Lover’s Persistent Questions About My First Sexual Experience by Walter L. Maroney


2003 - Volume IV

November / Issue VI
Gratitude Contest
September / Issue V July / Issue IV

Helena Montana Franklin Cox and the Redwood Forest by Gayla Chaney (1st)
A Report From Chekernassy by Sean McCormick (2nd)
As Seen on TV by Bill Cyr (3rd)
Rocks and Bones by Arielle Agababa Levites
The War Channel by Rober Gray
How He Was a Wicked Son by Leni Zumas
The Man Who Invented the Socktopus by Diana Potter
Sophie’s Garden by Lisa Simeone
Distillation by Maria Manilla
Margaret’s Air by Malcolm Eva
On The Verge of All This by Robert McGee
Gone to Air by Andrew McKenna
Counting Lampposts by Daniel Robert Jones
Do I Love Him? by David Burns

Drive Through by Ann E. Bergin
Anatomy of a Gift by Gail Waldstein, M.D.
Maggot by Richard Lewis
An Artist at Work by Alex Mindt
Boys and Girls Come Out to Play by Barry Baldwin
Loveland by Elizabeth Smith
This Time Last Year by David Fromm
In Permits by Elise Valmorbida
True Love by Andy C. Davidson
Vital Organs by Elissa Minor Rust
Stained Glass by Janice Nabors Raiteri
Hatch by Michael Conn
Headhunter by Mia Gallagher
The Great Divide by Shann Ray
The Window by Bob Sloan
Dreams by Jessica DeStefano
Desiderata by Tracy Alig Dowling
Weightless by Adam Stumacher
We Ain’t Egyptians by Crystal Allene Cook
Sweet by Cass McNally
Tracks by Mariana Romo-Carmona
The Last Cigarette in New York by Joseph DeQuattro
The Gun, the Spear, and the Word by Adrian Onyando
Cheers, Thanks, Bye by Kefi Chadwick
Auld Lang-Syne by Jennifer Cody Epstein

May / Issue III
Carver Awards Edition

March / Issue II January / Issue I
The Only Cuauhtemoc in Town by A.C. Koch (1st)
Naked Glass by Susi Klare (2nd)
String Theory by Dominic Smith (3rd)
Risi e Bisi by Randolyn Zinn
The Crossing by Rebecca A. Brams
Traction by Morgan McDermott
Surrender by William Wall
Taken by C.B. Anderson
Professor and Mrs. Painter by Shaun Levin
Saved by Rebecca Godwin
The Rules of Dirt and Trees by Joshua Weil
Pink Rods, Red Clouds, and a Rhubarb Pie by Janet Thornburg 
At the Shore by Donna George Storey
Camus Beat You to It by Susan Henderson
Ciao, Feruccio by Anna Levina
Sea of Huracan by Earl LeClaire
One Fish, Two Fish by Angela Tung
Still Smiling by R.C. Cooper
Disturbing the Peace by Pamela Schoenwaldt
Dealing by Josh Capps
Doppelganger by Herbert Biegel
Grafton Bridge by Tony O’Brien
Death in Paris by Ann Morissett Davidon
Shrug by Katherine Eittreim
Blanche Before and After by Stephanie Kallos
Dinner With the Boss by Bill Forseth
Letting Paddy Fly by David King
Access by Xu Xi
Star Loon by G.K. Wuori
Father’s Day by Leona Cully
A Legacy of Sorts by Elizabeth Iddon
Foreign Correspondent by Brian O’Sullivan
The Telescope by Ruth Lacey
The Sluice Room by Penny Feeny
Name for Blue by Debbra Mikaelsen


2002 - Volume III

November / Issue VI September / Issue V July / Issue IV

The Bereavement of Eugene Wheeler by  Krista McGruder (Gratitude Contest Winner)
Hailstones on Zamfara by Sefi Atta
The Fresh Young Thing by Ginny Wray
Everybody’s Wisconsin by Patty See
Confluence and Divergence by Richard Heady
Keep Smiling by R.C. Cooper
Recuerdos de Burgos by Kathryn Kelly
Staring at Angels by Andrew McKenna
On Sticky Things by Christopher A. Daniels
VirtuAlice by Paul Andrew Smith
Tricks by Anisha Mason

Angel of Mercy by Maryanne Stahl
Real Men, Ghost Parts by Ava Pawlak
Water by Bill Forseth
It’s Illegal For One Thing by Charles King
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square by Steve Young
The Swimming Pool by Chris Duncan
Deadland by A.C. Koch
Story Is by Bruce Taylor
Circling Over Ithica by Mark Pearson
Hellraiser by Josh Capps
Night by Ruth Lacey
Pleasant Drugs and Terminal Liquors by Katherine Kulpa
Sleeping Naked by Rebecca A. Moon
South of Eden by Barbara Yost
Story of the Bread by Kiki Delancey
What Cannot Be Left Behind by Chris deBolt
Spies by Angela Tung
The Fishing Quarter by Lisa Polisar
Varnish by Kerrith Bell
Thanksgiving Hotel Room by Matt Carreon
My Summer Vacation by Steven J. McDermott
May / Issue III March / Issue II
Carver Awards Edition
January / Issue I
I’d Like to Thank the Academy by Keith Cronin
Pensive Days by Greg Russell
I Don’t Know You, What Have I Done by Ashley Shelby
Moonlight Clown by Maggie Kast
Wild Boar by Jason Steed
The Southernmost Point by Krista McGruder
Rebuilding by Gillian Law
14 Things To Do in Stockholm in the Winter by Patrick Tobin
The Golddigger’s Bible by Jacinda Townsend Gides
Just Ask the Piano by Shaun M. McGuire
Concepción by Jana Marie Giles
The Whole of It by Allsion Ryan (1st)
Kosher by Scott Nadelson (2nd)
The Save by Heather Russel
Rabbits by Cathleen Horan
Where Are You People, anyway? by Michael George
Piper by Yasmina Madden
The Shape of Things by Leona Cully
Less Black by Anna Martemucci
FSBO by Stephanie Kallos
Enough by Christine Granados
Bunny Hollow by Elizabeth Iddon
My Brother Mace by Jessica Scalise
The Outside Clan by Lisa Polisar
Before by Margaret Karmazin
The Duck by David Barringer
Graves of Sarajevo by Jordan J. Vezina
Cubical Man by Michael Allen
Undone by Felicia Sullivan
To The Letter by Thomas J. Misuraca
Mr. Browning is a Dick by Frederick Schoeneman
Bunny and Sue by Michelle Lisi
The Tom Harmon Incident by Andrew Bomback
Et in Arcadia by Victoria Branden
One Week in Summer by Antoine Duchastel de Mont-Rouge
Seven Blocks North, Two Miles East by Steven J. McDermott
Crib Notes by Lyle Nelson


2001 - Volume II

November / Issue VI September / Issue V July / Issue IV

Dance With the Dead by Gina Ochsner (Gratitude Contest Winner)
Van Gogh Dreams by Craig Platt
The Man Who Ate Cars by Robert Kaye
Bud by Laura Gabel-Hartman
How I Learned to Hate the Last Day of School by Spencer Ellis
Luv’s Baby Soft Spray by Nanette Rayman
Man’s Best Friend by Pieter Hudsen
The Music in Me by Janice Nabors Raiteri
When You’re Downsized by Diane Farrington
Three Day Expedite by RoseMarie London
Blows Against the Empire by Peter Nolan Smith
A Small Chance by Ryan Miller
Our Lady of Miami Beach by Ginny S. Wray
Living Behind the Paper Curtain (essay) by Victoria Branden

Elision of Pleasure by Nicole Louise Reid
What He Might Have Been by Teresa Funke
Prisons by Gary Sloan
Journey by Jesse C. Dunn
Neon Humming by Peter Kokovich
Penance by Joanne Miller
Killing Scottish Elvis by Ronald F. Currie, Jr.
What I Will Tell Him After by Stefan Kiesbye
The Orbit of a Newborn World by Avital Gad-Cykman
Love Song by Graham Catt
Another Name for Exile by Benjamin Saenz
Tattoo by RoseMarie London
Names by Thomas J. Cox
Disneyland, 1979 by Adrian Khactu
Divinity by Shannon K. Dunn
The Accounting of Java Ray by Lad Moore
Circle Line by Patrick Noakes
Prom by G.W. Kimura
The Crossroads by Pushkar P. Apte
May / Issue III March / Issue II
Carver Awards Edition
January / Issue I
Skating on the Vertical by Jan English Leary
The Voice in Your Night by Jon O’Shea
Nothing Can Remain Unchanged by Dana Crum
Zeus Limping by Ralph Wanderer
From the Stretch by Andrew Bomback
A New Millennium by J.M. DeGross
Drunken Song by Tahnee McGuire
Gathering Joe by Molly Layton
Las Golondrinas by Robin Parks (1st)
From the Fourth Row by Gina Ochsner (2nd)
Metamorphosis by Victoria Branden
Trespass by Amy Ramsden
A Story You Won’t Believe if You’re Human by Molly Melina Sultan
American Indian Memorial Highway by Cheryl Stayed
Oracle Road by Laura Scholes
Safe Behind Glass by Tania Casselle
The Restoration by Kathy Hayes
Sincerely, Elvis Presley by Anne Stewart Hendry
Sacred Duty by Sarah Shaw Middleton
Myron Kaplan and Bobby Dee by Andrew Bomback
Restoring the Lost by Michael McGregor
Women, Bears, and Other Dangerous Things by Robin Parks
Earnest at School by Andrew Agwunobi 
Until the Next Century by XuXi
The Ponderosa by Katherine Eittreim
The Green MG by Devin Oatway
Family Thought Disorder by Richard Messer


2000 - Volume I

November / Issue V
Gratitude Contest
September / Issue IV July / Issue III

Bijou by Nan Leslie (1st)
Sweet Dreams by Barbara Jacksha (2nd)
Senseless by Molly Layton
Controlled Burn by Scott Wolven
The Untattling of the Tale by Lad Moore

The Pretense by Evan Palmer
We Can Be Free by Nanette Rayman
The Second Birthing of Young Tim by Lad Moore
The Wounded House by Richard Messer
Driving Over Mozart by Alexandra Thompson
Glass Sky by Tanya Egan Gibson
Inauguration Day by Daniel Greenstone
Keeping the Joy by Suzy Spraker
The Firmament of the Third Day by Lad Moore
The Last Bagatelle by Patrick Noakes
In the Darkness by Cait Coogan
May / Issue II March / Issue I  
His Absent Presence by Adam Smyth
All The Difference in the World by Steve Mueske
The Beautiful Boy by Alexandra Thompson
Nothing Like Chocolate by Stephen Kimber
A Queer State by Robert Pollock
The Old Car by Pieter Hudson
In Pasadena by Adam Smyth
The Dairy Farmer by Cait Coogan
U-Wash U-Dry by JoAnn Miller
Demons of Memory by Jerry Craven