Carve Fall 2017 Issue

Featuring new short stories, interviews, poetry, nonfiction, illustrations and more...

FALL 2017 Features

Featuring the winners of the 2017 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest

New Short Stories

  • 1st place: Richard by David J. Wingrave
  • 2nd place: Laughing And Turning Away by Patrick Holloway
  • 3rd place: Homecoming by Zachary Lunn
  • Editor's Choice: Windfall by Edward Hamlin
  • Editor's Choice: The Anatomy of Todd Melkin by Catherine Malcynsky


New Poetry

  • Dear Ozone Layer by Marianne Chen
  • Skins by Kathryn Merwin
  • Going North by Brionne Janae
  • On Noticing That Nearly Every Biography in the Children's Book of Women Saints Starts by Describing a "Beautiful Girl" by Anne Champion
  • In All My Dreams My Love and I Are Chased by Terrible Men by Cady Vishniac


New Nonfiction

  • Back to Middle Earth by Andrew Wingfield
  • On a Field, Sable by Amanda Parrish Morgan


Additional Features

  • Decline/Accept: UFO by Alison McCabe
  • One to Watch: Gemini Ink Q&A with Sheila Black and Alexandra van de Kamp
  • Interviews with short story authors
  • Illustrations by Justin Burks

New short stories and interviews with the authors.

Get a look at each story's journey with Story Statshot.

One to Watch features Gemini Ink in San Antonio, TX.

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Our stories have earned notable recognition from the Pushcart Prize and twice won 1st in the Million Writers Award.

Unique features you won't find in other literary magazines include Decline/Accept, Story Statshot, and One to Watch. 

The Raymond Carver Short Story Contest is open each year from April 1 - May 15 and offers $2500 in prizes.

Our guest judges have included the likes of Aimee Bender, Ben Fountain, Christopher Castellani, and Andre Dubus III.

Many past winners cite the contest as a launching point for their writing career, going on to secure agents, publishing contracts, or starting their own lit mag.

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If we don't publish your story and someone else does, we'll add you to our ever-growing Decline/Accept list.