The Dead Kid Movie Raising Funds Through Indiegogo

The Dead Kid movie, based on the short story by Gillian King and published by Carve, is seeking to raise funding through Indiegogo, a crowd-source funding platform. The goal is $15,000 by September 30, and funds will be used to help defray production costs, which are higher due to child-actors’ involvement.

We’ve been thrilled since we first announced that King’s story is being turned into a short film. We encourage our fans and readers to support the project and donate today. The project is offering multiple tiers of perks in return for pledges, including frames of the Super 35MM footage of the film, a tour of Downtown Disney with the crew, special mention at the film’s premiere, your name in the film credits, and signed copies of the Carve Magazine 2008 Anthology (by author King) in which the story appears.

King, who is also co-writing the screenplay, is still active with Carve, serving as a reader since 2011. She’s been updating us on the progress of the film, and the story is being fleshed out for the film adaptation, with an additional emphasis on the bullying aspects in an effort to highlight the issue as part of the ongoing national conversation about it. The director has an extended statement regarding this.

It’s no easy feat to make a film, and there are many people involved in the production of The Dead Kid who are giving their time, energy and efforts with little to no compensation. All funds raised for the project will be granted to the production, so it is not an all-or-nothing fundraising plan. Whatever you contribute does and will help, so contribute today!