Thank You For Promoting the Raymond Carver Contest

This year’s Raymond Carver Short Story Contest had a near record-breaking number of submissions, far outpacing last year’s total of 541. (We’ll release final numbers when we announce the winners.) We did our usual advertising, but we know a lot of awareness of the contest stemmed from those promoting us through no asking on our part. We’d like to thank these organizations:

  • Though we had a paid ad for one month they continued to advertise and promote the contest through Twitter. Thanks!

There were also some individuals that promoted us through blogs and Twitter and we thank you for that! Every bit of outreach means a lot to us as sometimes the hardest part of being a lit mag is just getting on people’s radars. There’s no better advertising than word-of-mouth.

We’ll be busy reading contest entries for the rest of the month and preparing our “fall surprise.” We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to announcing the winners. Thanks for your patience!