Introducing the Premium Print Edition of Carve

This fall, digital is going print. We’re introducing a new Premium Print Edition of Carve to be published alongside our online stories. The fall 2012 issue will be the premiere issue. The Carve you know and love online isn’t offering any less. The Premium Print Edition is just a companion that offers so much more.

Why? Isn’t print dying?

At Carve, we believe both digital and print are here to stay, but with different purposes. 

Digital is social; print is personal. We want our readers to enjoy sharing and commenting on our stories, but for those of you who are left wanting something more, something personal, we offer our premium print edition.

Features of the Premium Print Edition:

Reader’s Voice

A featured short essay from readers like you on how a previously published Carve story moved or changed you. Dedicated to the small percentage of readers who read Carve purely for pleasure.

The Stories & Fast Facts

Each new issue will feature the same stories we publish online, but subscribers get the bonus of discovering the Fast Facts:

-how long ago the author began writing the story

-how many months the story sat in our reading queue

-how many rejections the author received from other publications

-how many drafts they went through before finally getting published

All of this will appear above the story in an at-a-glance view.

What We Talk About

Interviews with the contributors for that issue, with insight into their writing process, the origin of the story, and who influences them and their writing. Every conversation will be unique, and we won’t ask everyone the same questions. It’s a great way for writers and readers to learn more from those whose writing they admire.


Every writer gets rejected, but nobody wants to brag about it. We’re changing that. This feature will highlight a story that was rejected by Carve Magazine, but went on to get published elsewhere. Why did we reject it? What changes did the author make, if any? All is revealed and discussed in-depth, including snippets of the rejected draft compared alongside the published one. (You can submit your Reject! piece now.)

Something More

Each issue will feature a special section that’s something more, and it will be different in every issue. Maybe an additional story, a piece of flash fiction, poetry, or even an essay. Like the other features, it’ll be exclusive and available only to our premium print edition subscribers.

The premiere issue this fall will also feature the winning stories of the 2012 Raymond Carver Short Story contest and will be a celebration of Raymond Carver. Look for the special, exclusive content, including:

  • A look at Raymond Carver and his legacy and influence on the short story form.
  • Excerpts from an interview with Tess Gallagher conducted by our founding editor, Melvin Sterne.
  • Comments from the guest judge of the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest on what made the winners stand out and earn the prize.

When Can I Subscribe?

Right now. Subscribe today for our low first-year charter subscriber rate of $29.95 for four (4) issues delivered to your door. The regular subscription rate will be $39.95 (+$5 for Canada and +$15 for international) so lock in your low rate and 25% savings for the first year now - it’s for a limited time only. 

We’re using Paypal for Subscription services so you have more control. No annoying renewal notices with the auto-renew feature. Update your address or cancel anytime by logging into your Paypal account. 

Jump to our updated Subscriber page now to get started.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our forthcoming Premium Print Edition of Carve. For more information and forthcoming previews, check back on the blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

UPDATE: We’ve unveiled the cover of our premiere issue. Check out the illustration of a familiar face with a new twist.