Five Days of Funding Left for The Dead Kid Movie Project

Have you ever imagined seeing one of your own short stories turned into a feature on the silver screen? Imagine the excitement, the anticipation, and the delight of seeing your work turned into a movie for thousands or millions to see.

For Gillian King, that fantasy is becoming a reality. Her short story “The Dead Kid”, published by us in the winter 2008 issue, is now being produced into a short film by Gregory D. Goyins through Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. King is also co-writing the script, allowing her creative input in her own work as it’s transformed 

The Dead Kid movie goes beyond the short story to highlight the issues of bullying and victimization that are subtlely woven throughout King’s story. Schools are asking to see the film and want to use it as a teaching tool to help stop the widespread bullying occuring in classrooms today.

Already, this film is going to make a difference.

The producers and director have been working tirelessly for months to craft a script, scout locations, and find a perfect cast. But now what they really need is the financial means to make the story come to life.

You can help contribute to The Dead Kid movie project by donating to the project on Indiegogo.

There’s a multitude of reward levels that include awesome thank you gifts such as a paperback copy of the Carve Magazine 2008 Anthology signed by Gillian King, signed production stills, hundreds of frames from the 35mm film used, an invite to the exclusive cast & crew parties, and an onscreen mention of you in the credits for your contribution.

But maybe it’s better if you hear from the film crew directly. Here’s a link to their video where they break down why they need your help and why they’re so excited to work on transforming this Carve story into a motion picture:

There’s only 5 days left to raise funding.

So help out today, and take comfort in knowing that you’ve helped a writer just like you achieve a dream, gave a talented and passionate film crew a bit of a break on begging for financing, and made a real difference in the crusade against bullying.