Carve Featured in Latest Issue of Poets & Writers

If you’re subscribed to Poets & Writers magazine (and you should be) you might’ve noticed a nice shout-out about our new Print Edition, featured in the Literary Magnet column by the talented Travis Kurowski. (Travis also has a hand in running the excellent blog, Luna Park Review.) The column this issue features on lit mags that are changing their medium to adapt to the world of print and digital.

Nov/Dec Issue of Poets&WritersWe got a nice little blurb; here’s an excerpt:

Established in 2000 and edited by Matthew Limpede since 2007, the Dallas-based online fiction quarterly Carve Magazine ( is also adding print to its roster. “I believe print is becoming more personal in the age of digital,” says Limpede. The inaugural Fall 2012 print issue features a cover illustration of Raymond Carver—the magazine’s namesake—and an interview with his widow, the poet Tess Gallagher.

We’re thrilled to be featured in P&W, one of the best resources for writers out there, and we’re proud to be listed alongside the likes of Prairie Schooner and Ploughshares, both of which are introducing new print or online components to their respective publications.

You can read the whole column online here. Unfortunately, only the Print Edition of P&W features our cover, but hey, you can check that out right here too!