Sarah Terez Rosenblum's Debut Novel Published

Sarah Terez Rosenblum, whose story “What You Miss” placed in our 2012 Esoteric Awards and was published in our spring 2012 issue, has published her debut novel, Herself When She’s Missingfrom Soft Skull Press. It is now available to order from Amazon.

Herself When She’s Missing is post-modern in form (lists, 3x5 cards, even the occasional screenplay), but classical in theme: a tale of a girl desperate for something like, but not quite, love. (Here at Carve, we love a mix of old and new.)

Sarah’s novel has received rave reviews, including one from Carol Anshaw, author ofCarry the One.

This is love as darkness, passion that hollows one out and leaves only a husk behind. If they make a movie of this, Leonard Cohen will sing the theme song. A compelling read for anyone who has ever fallen victim to this particular form of insanity. Which is to say, nearly everyone.

Soft Skull Press also released a book trailer which we’ve posted here:

The book was just released last week, so it’s fresh off the press. I’m looking forward to reading it myself, as I just ordered it today. Sarah will be embarking on a tour across the country this summer. Stop by and support her if you’re in the area on these dates:

  • June 12   Firecat Gallary 7 p.m.   Chicago IL
  • June 14   Boswell Book Co. 7 p.m.   Milwaukee WI
  • June 18   The Booksmith 7 p.m.   San Francisco CA
  • June 20   Skylight Books, 7:30 p.m.   Los Angeles CA
  • June 29   The Book Cellar 7 p.m.   Chicago IL
  • July 5   Charis Books and More 7 p.m.   Atlanta GA
  • August 18   A Room of One’s Own 7 p.m.   Madison WI

To learn more about Sarah or the book visit her website or Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.