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Our classroom is a collection of resources and services for those who want to learn, teach, and connect with other readers and writers.


WRITERS: Discover our NEW online writing classes, use our critique services, or read through our extensive "tips for writers" blog posts -- all designed to help you improve your knowledge and understanding of writing and publishing.

EDUCATORS: Bring contemporary literature into your classroom with our free comprehensive lesson plans for select Carve short stories and educational discounts on Carve back issues.


Learn the basics of craft in a virtual community.

Featuring self-study or mentorship tracks, our writing classes help you learn the elements of craft and let you share your work in a unique community platform.

Critiques by Carve

Get objective feedback on your work.

For both prose and poetry, affordable critiques conducted by our staff allow you to get a new and insightful perspective on your story or poem.

tips for writers

Become informed on writing and publishing.

From submission etiquette to overcoming writer's block, our bloggers offer their tried-and-true tips on all areas of writing and the writer's life.



Empower and enlighten the next generation of writers.

With a vast collection of back issues and online short stories, Carve is a great tool for introducing your students to quality literature and contemporary authors.

Educators can order any of our back issues in bulk (min. 25) to introduce your English and Creative Writing students to a living, breathing literary magazine that features HONEST FICTION, interviews with writers, new poetry, nonfiction, illustrations, and more.

Separately, we also offer free comprehensive lesson plans, each centered around a Carve short story. Most stories include audio readings, plus interactive group activities and discussion prompts, and critical reading and writing exercises.


Carve Online Writing Classes

Learn and practice the fundamentals and techniques of writing a short story in our online writing classes.


We offer two six-week classes that focus on SHORT STORY WRITING. One class is focused on FUNDAMENTALS and the other on TECHNIQUES.

All reading assignments come from Carve online archives to ground your studies in contemporary, published content. Be inspired by other writers like you while getting insight into how elements of craft are used to create compelling short stories.

Each weekly lesson will take approximately 1-3 hours and includes:

—Explanation of craft element with detailed examples
—1 to 3 Carve stories for reading assignments and discussion
—6 to 8 reading response questions to deepen understanding of how craft elements were applied in the assigned readings
—1 to 2 writing exercises to practice using specific craft elements in your own writing


We use the Wet Ink platform to deliver lessons so that you can:

—Log in and complete lessons anywhere with an internet connection.
—Submit all your responses in one place with no need to save or email files.
—Keep all of your content at the conclusion of the class.

Wet Ink is also an interactive community space. No matter which study track you choose, you can interact with other students enrolled in the class to discuss course content, Carve stories, writing, publishing, or any other topic you'd like to start. You can also share your work and request peer critiques and discuss ways to connect after the class ends.

Enroll in Short Story Writing

We’re currently retooling and updating our class content. Enrollment will resume in the near future.

Short story writing:

Lesson 1: Character & Plot
Lesson 2: Point of View
Lesson 3: Dialogue
Lesson 4: Inner Monologue
Lesson 5: Description
Lesson 6: Conflict vs. Tension

Next start date:

short story writing:

Lesson 1: Use of Senses
Lesson 2: Imagery
Lesson 3: Metaphors & Similes
Lesson 4: Rhythm & Pacing
Lesson 5: Threading
Lesson 6: Narrative Voice

Next start date:



Course Fees:

Critiques by Carve

We offer affordable critiques for prose and poetry, focusing on what works, what doesn't, and how to improve.

Thanks for the critique of my story. It was shortlisted for the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition and will be published in their anthology. The critique you gave me was extremely helpful in my revisions and the story wouldn’t have come this far without your advice.
— David Lewis


Prose critiques are up to 1 page single-spaced and written by a member of our resident reading committee. Resident members have read for Carve for a minimum of one year and shown exceptional commitment to providing thoughtful and constructive comments on our submissions. You may request a particular member if you've worked with them before.

Prose rate is 1.5¢ per word, with a $30 minimum (meaning if your story is fewer than 2000 words, the fee is $30). Max word count is 10,000.

You may only send one story at a time, with the exception of flash fiction under 1000 words, which you may send up to 3 at a time (you will receive one critique for all pieces). Expected turnaround time is 10 days from payment receipt.

For works longer than 10,000 words or if you desire a more in-depth editorial service (such as line-edits), we recommend Limpede Ink editorial services, a division of Carve Magazine.



Receive up to 1 page (single-spaced) of feedback on entire manuscript focusing on poetic elements such as stanza and line-break structures, imagery and sound, and themes and style. Also includes line edits and notes throughout the manuscript to highlight elements of the writing that are strong or need improvement.

Poetry critiques are written by one of a rotating staff of editors, all of whom are accomplished poets themselves. You may request a particular editor if you've worked with them before.

Poetry rate is variable. No minimum or maximum page count. We will send you a quote after an initial evaluation of the manuscript. Expected turnaround time is variable, depending on length of work and the editor assigned, but typically is not more than 2-3 weeks.


Tips for Writers

Here you'll find our most recent and most popular "Tips for Writers" posts from the blog so you can learn how to improve your writing and share in the joys and challenges of the writer's life.



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Most Popular TIPS

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Lesson Plans for Teachers & Educators

The short stories are amazing — the lessons are very rigorous, which is fantastic.
— Elizabeth H.
Students are excited to be studying contemporary writers, and we found that being able to connect with writers who are “living” and accessible to be exciting and fun.
— Holly S.


We offer comprehensive lesson plans, each centered on a single Carve short story. Each short story is available to read online and select stories include an embedded audio version that can be streamed in the classroom or at home.

Lesson plans are designed to stimulate critical and creative thinking, and feature interactive prompts, discussion questions, and writing exercises. They are available in Microsoft Word format so you can immediately distribute or edit and adapt for your classroom.

We encourage you to read the story and review the content warnings listed in the lesson plan before deciding if the story is appropriate for your classroom audience.

» Download free lesson plans individually (.docx format) or in a bundle (.zip format):

*indicates audio version available to stream

"The Dead Kid" by Gillian King*

"Firebug" by Katie Cortese*

"Carnival" by Scott Atkinson*

"And They Pillaged the Dead" by David Cameron*

"Poetry" by Dionne Irving*

"The Odyssey" by Jia Tolentino*

"Hurricane Emily" by Subhadra Eberly*

"Schadenfreude" by Melanie Kokolios*

"The Time of Plenty" by Judith Slater*

Special thanks to Susanne Rubenstein, T.M. DeVos, Diane Moroff, and Nicole Pettee.


Discounts for Teachers & Educators

I used the Fall 2013 issue with my A.P. Literature class. It went really well. Students grasped the stories’ complexity and gained a greater understanding of point of view, which I’d been focusing on the entire year.
— Christine H.

Diverse Voices & Unique Features

Help your students discover the magic of literary magazines by including a back issue of Carve as part of their required reading. With roughly a dozen stories, poems, nonfiction essays, and interviews in each issue, Carve is a bite-size lit mag just right for classrooms, helping students consume a wide variety of voices in a short amount of time.

Our unique features, such as Decline/Accept, Story Statshot, and What We Talk About interviews with authors, will help give students a broader perspective of literature by exposing them to the challenges of writing, editing, and submitting as a writer today.


Though many issues sell out to the general public, we're able to conduct small reprint runs of single issues for educators for a generous discount (minimum 25 copies). Keep the content fresh by returning to order more recent issues year after year.

Teachers may request a free digital PDF copy of any back issue. Our editors can also offer recommendations on which issues are appropriate for your classroom audience. Every bulk order comes with a free one-year subscription.

» Contact us to get a quote, free sample, or a recommendation.