Carve has been publishing honest fiction online and hosting the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest since 2000. While formally based in Dallas, Texas, the staff and volunteers who help the magazine thrive are from all over the world. Carve is a member of CLMP and attends the annual AWP conference.



Carve seeks to publish outstanding literature and to promote the writers we publish, helping both new, emerging, and established authors reach a wider literary audience. This is achieved through sharing their stories across a variety of publication mediums: online, print, e-readers, and more.

In addition, we take special pride in our editorial process. While we cannot send a unique response to every submission, we certainly try. We offer notes and critiques on stories that we feel are nearly aligned with our vision while noting that ultimately selections are subjective and varied.

The magazine is named in honor of Raymond Carver, short story artist and master of the “minimalist” form, though his later works espoused a longer, more detailed style. We admire this dyad, as we strive to publish fiction that is both concise and generous.

Above all, Carve, like its namesake, is honest fiction.


Raymond Carver in 1984.  Photograph: Bob Adelman/Corbis


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Matthew Limpede, Executive Editor
Anna Zumbahlen, Managing Editor
Rita Juster, Senior Fiction Editor
Claire Schadler, Junior Fiction Editor

Ellie Francis Douglass, Poetry Editor
      Cameron Maynard, Nonfiction Editor
Melvin Sterne, Founding Editor


Resident Reading Committee
Susanne Rubenstein
Jack King
Eris Young
Martha Miller
Nancy Devine

Kenady Toombs
John Henry Fleming
Jennifer Harvey
Marléne Zadig

Lori Feathers

Ken Mohnkern


Guest Reading Committee
Lindsey Anderson, Bridget Apfeld, Savannah Brooks, Kristene Brown, Art Edwards, Kristina Fedeczko, Heather Hobma, Lauren Kelly, Apoorva Mittal, Joe O'Neill, Mandana Vakil, Thao Votang, Manuela Williams

Poetry Reading Committee
Reem Abbas, Eileen Cleary, Chris Menezes, Stacy Pendergrast

Nonfiction Reading Committee
Katie Ray, Alaina Symanovich



+Named #11 in EveryWritersResource top 20 online literary mags
+19 Notable Stories in StorySouth's Million Writers Award since 2007
+1st and 3rd place in the 2013 Million Writers Award
+1st place in the 2014 and 2015 Million Writers Award
+Special Mention in 2008 & 2010 Pushcart Prize
+Favorably reviewed by NewPages.com
+Recognized for outstanding work in helping writers


Without you, we're nothing.

We love to receive feedback and hear what we can do to make our magazine better. We’re also happy to grant select interview requests and answer any general inquiries.

Please note that we do not review books by request.

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