Carve Magazine Editing Services

We offer affordable editing services for prose and poetry, focusing on structure, character, and elements of craft, all in an effort to make your work more attractive to publishers.



Developmental - $60
Receive a 1 page (single-spaced) critique focusing on overall storytelling elements and techniques such as structure, character development, plot, dialogue, POV, voice, and style.

Line-by-Line - $95
A developmental critique plus line edits and notes throughout the short story or essay to highlight elements of the writing that are strong or need improvement. Corrections to grammar and punctuation may be made but are not the primary focus.


Fees above are for a short story or essay up to 4000 words of a single work. You cannot combine multiple works, even if the cumulative word count is below 4000.

For manuscripts greater than 4000 words, or for multiple pieces, fees are evaluated on an individual basis. You may use the Submittable form below to submit the manuscript and then the editor will contact you with a quote for both developmental and line-by-line options.

If your manuscript is a novella, novel, memoir, or other book-length work, we recommend Limpede Ink, which offers an extensive array of editorial services.


Efforts are made to return the story with critique within 14 days, however it may take up to 30 days. If you need a rushed turnaround time, an additional fee can be applied for a guaranteed response within 48 hours.


Executive Editor of CarveMatthew Limpede. He served as Editor-in-Chief from 2007-2015, publishing over 100 new and emerging writers.


We use Submittable for prose submissions. Get started using the button below.

Carve is a wonderful community that celebrates the art of creative writing and encourages the professional and artistic development of writers. After Matthew provided excellent feedback that helped me polish my story, it was accepted into a journal for publication.
— Kem Ukwu
In the several years I’ve worked with Matthew, I’ve found him to be a perceptive and a careful reader. It’s obvious that he cares deeply about good writing, and helping others achieve it.
— Robert Schladale
Thanks for the critique of my story. It was shortlisted for the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition and will be published in their anthology. The critique you gave me was extremely helpful in my revisions and the story wouldn’t have come this far without your advice.
— David Lewis



Receive up to 1 page (single-spaced) of feedback on entire manuscript focusing on poetic elements such as stanza and line-break structures, imagery and sound, and themes and style. Also includes line edits and notes throughout the manuscript to highlight elements of the writing that are strong or need improvement.


We have a rotating staff of experienced editors. You'll be informed of your editor when sent the quote.


We use Submittable for poetry submissions. Submit your manuscript for an initial evaluation and then we will contact you with a custom quote for the comprehensive editing.

I’m delighted to recommend Ellie Francis as an editor. Not only was she a thorough and companionable editor to work with, she turned a careful, thoughtful eye to my poems. Her deft cuts and suggestions made the images stand out, tightened the lines and made the work stronger — such a gift for both poems and poet!
— Annie Lightheart