Carve in the Classroom

Bring Carve stories into your classroom with our educational discounts and comprehensive lesson plans. 


With Carve in the Classroom, our mission is to help you bring contemporary short stories into the classroom and encourage students to:

  1. Improve critical reading, thinking, discussion, and writing skills.

  2. Develop an appreciation for the craft of writing and storytelling.

  3. Interact with authors to better understand the modern writer's life. 

  4. Seek out more sources of contemporary fiction.

We accomplish this by providing educational discounts on bulk orders our Premium Edition issues and through low-cost comprehensive lesson plans for select Carve stories previously published.

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Carve in the Classroom began in 2013 with the help of Susanne Rubenstein and T.M. DeVos.

Carve in the Classroom began in 2013 with the help of Susanne Rubenstein and T.M. DeVos.


+We offer discounts on bulk orders (minimum 25) of the Premium Edition in print. All bulk orders receive one complimentary Premium subscription.

+Using the Premium Edition as a teaching tool, teachers can guide students to explore a literary magazine as a work of art and probe deeper into the writing process.

+Each Premium Edition contains in-depth interviews with the authors, allowing students to further their reader responses and analyses.

+Additional features provide insight into the editorial and submission process, as well as provide exposure to unique forms and genres of writing.

To request a sample copy or recommendations on which issue(s) to start with, contact the editor.

Lesson Plans for secondary & adult education

+Lesson plans are categorized into three recommended audiences based on content, language, and maturity of themes.

+Each story is available for free online and includes an audio version that can be streamed in the classroom or by students at home.

+Lesson plan components include:

  • Detailed/extended "About the Author"
  • Introduction/story synopsis
  • Interactive opening activity
  • Content & craft discussion questions
  • Expository and creative writing prompts
  • Literary connections with other works
  • Connect with the author information

Individual lesson plans: $2.75.
Audience bundle of 3 lesson plans: $5.00.

Purchase lesson plans or download a sample at



I used the Fall 2013 Premium Edition with my A.P. Literature class. It went really well. They grasped the stories’ complexity and gained a greater understanding of point of view, which I’d been focusing on the entire year.
— Christine H.
The short stories are amazing — the lessons are very rigorous, which is fantastic.
— Elizabeth H.
My overall experience is that my colleagues, administrators, students, and their parents/guardians ARE all very excited to be working with contemporary writers, writers who are “living” and accessible! We all found that being able to connect online, with other readers and the author directly — via posts, emails and Skype — to be exciting and fun!
— Holly S.