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We accept short story submissions year-round and from anywhere in the world. Send us your best work. We'd love to read it.

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Published online and in the Premium Edition.

+Carve is seeking good honest fiction in the form of short stories.
+We want emotional jeopardy, soul, and honesty.
+Craft and control are tantamount to our connection to the characters.
+We highly recommend reading recent stories to get an idea of what we’re looking for.
+We pay fiction contributors $100 and offer feedback on 5-10% of declined submissions.
+We ask for first-publication rights for online and print.
+Read our full guidelines and submit via Submittable ($3).
+We also accept submissions by mail for free. Include a SASE and cover letter.
+Mail to: Carve Magazine Submissions | PO Box 701510 | Dallas, TX 75370


POETRY / MICROFICTION (formerly poefictiontry)

Published exclusively in the Premium Edition.

We are currently pausing poetry/microfiction submissions, however you are encouraged to submit to our Premium Edition Contest, which is open October 1-30 and features a $1000 grand prize in each genre.


Decline/Accept (formerly reject!)

Featured in the Premium Edition with listings online.

+We want to support all writers, even the ones we don't publish.
+If we decline(d) your story and it's accepted elsewhere, let us know.
+We might ask to feature an excerpt and a recap of your experience in our Premium Edition.

+If we decline(d) your piece and it hasn't been accepted elsewhere yet, consider this a list of suggestions for where to send your story next.
+You may also opt to use our Literary Services to get an in-depth critique from an editor.


Most Recent Decline / Accept Listings - 2015

Name Story Title Accepted Publication
Kathleen Balma Stopping Time Is Not as Useful as We Thought Fugue
Janelle Drumwright Biopsy the Day of the Boston Bombings Naugatuck River Review
Zack O'Neill A New Nomad SNReview
Andrew Bertaina I Still Love You From the Other Side of this Bottle of Whiskey Journal of Microliterature
Gerri Brightwell The Joke Copper Nickel

Withdraw A Submission

+To withdraw a Submittable submission, log into your account and select "Withdraw" next to the submission.

+To withdraw a snail mail submission, fill out the withdraw form here.

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