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"Arrangements" by Charles Watts
"Kudzu" by Andrea Bobotis
"Jack Nicely" by Amanda Pauley
"The Giant" by Joe Shlichta
"All That We Burned, All That We Loved" by Laura Haugen

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A Premium Edition subscription includes 4 issues in print delivered to your mailbox.

A Premium Edition subscription includes 4 issues in print delivered to your mailbox.

We accept short story and poetry/micro-fiction submissions via Submittable and by mail year-round.

We pay our contributors cash, promote their forthcoming publications on our blog and social media, and treat them like literary rockstars.

If we don't publish your story and someone else does, we'll add you to our ever-growing Decline/Accept list.

The Raymond Carver Short Story Contest is open each year from April 1 - May 15 and offers $2500 in prizes.

Our guest judges have included the likes of Aimee Bender, Ben Fountain, Christopher Castellani, and Andre Dubus III.

Many past winners cite the contest as a launching point for their writing career, going on to secure agents, publishing contracts, or starting their own lit mag.

Every short story published by Carve since 2007 (100+ stories and counting) is free to read online, because good honest fiction should never disappear into obscurity.

Our stories have earned notable recognition from the Pushcart Prize and twice won 1st in the Million Writers Award.

Each story is tagged with themes and craft elements so you can quickly discover other honest stories in our archives.