Ways of Looking, Volume I


Ways of Looking, Volume I



  • Yuvi Zalkow, "When My Body Smashed Into the Sidewalk" (2007)

  • Kami Westhoff, "The Ways You Are Gone" (2007)

  • Meagan Cass, "The Candy House of Roscoe, New York" (2008)

  • David Cameron, "And They Pillaged the Dead" (2011)

  • Leesa Cross-Smith, "Whiskey & Ribbons" (2011)

  • Kem Joy Ukwu, "Demetrius" (2011)

  • Adrienne Celt, "The Eternal Youth of Everyone Else" (2012)

  • Jia Tolentino, "The Odyssey" (2012)

In each conversation with Carve’s editor-in-chief, the writers reflect on the turns their lives and work have taken in the years since appearing in Carve and offer new perspectives about the stories.

These are stories that defined Carve’s HONEST FICTION and each interview examines what Raymond Carver said makes a great writer: “some special way of looking at things.”

278 pages in 5” x 8” paperback.

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"Ways of Looking is a gift for readers and writers of fiction. Every story in this anthology is magical in some way—sometimes using magical story elements, sometimes magically whisking us away to unfamiliar places and cultures, sometimes magical in revealing a truth through the motions of everyday life. The conversations following each story are generous insights into the writing process and influences, navigating the challenges of a literary life, and how engagement in literary communities nourishes writers. I am in awe and encouraged. Thank you, Carve."

— Barbara Diehl, The Baltimore Review

“The stories in this volume would be spectacular on their own. In combination with the frank and insightful author interviews, which reveal the human beings behind the world-class prose, they become indispensable. If you’re someone who wants to explore how great writing happens, this is the anthology for you.”

— Pinckney Benedict, author of Miracle Boy and Other Stories and Dogs of God

"If you are choosing a collection to read this season, make it Ways of Looking. The stories are timeless, yet they connect us to elemental truths and the present world around us, and the current interviews with the authors heighten that connection. A collection I’ll return to again and again."

— Jennifer Goldring, december magazine

"Ways of Looking is a beautifully curated collection, with stories that consider from every angle the introspection of loss, of memory, of collapse into oneself, and interviews that tell their own tale of how a story speaks itself unto a writer. This left me sprained and heartful and wanting more."

— Stephanie Malak, Los Angeles Review of Books