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Fall 2016 Premium Edition

2016 Raymond Carver Contest featuring guest judge Caitlin Horrocks

Short Stories:
1st place | And It Is My Fault by Janet Towle
2nd place | Come Down to the Water by Emily Flamm
3rd place | A Working Theory of Stellar Collapse by Sam Miller Khatkin
Editor’s Choice (Anna) | Mostly Sunny (With a Slight Chance of Rain) by Chelsea Catherine
Editor’s Choice (Claire) | A Wave Breaking by Phoebe Driscoll

Premium Features
+Poetry from Patrick Kindig, Kallie Falandays, Jose Araguz, Joe Woodward
+Nonfiction from LaTanya McQueen
+Decline/Accept - "Marque and Reprisal" by Anthony Mohr
+One to Watch - Girls with Pens
+Story Statshots, illustrations, and interviews with the authors