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Fall 2014 Premium Edition

2014 Raymond Carver Contest featuring guest judge Aimee Bender

Short Stories:
1st place | Safe, Somewhere by Baird Harper
2nd place | The Snow Children by Wendy Oleson
3rd place |  Martha and Other Anomalies by Kerrin Piché Serna
Editor’s Choice (Matthew) | Entr'acte by Mark Connelly
Editor’s Choice (Kristin) | Cantaloupe by Karen Loeb

Premium Features
+Poefictiontry from Mary Morris, Jill Talbot, Omar Sakr, Elizabeth O'Brien
+Decline/Accept - "Raw" by Alex McElroy
+One to Watch - Paul Martone with Late Night Library
+Comments from guest judge Aimee Bender
+Story Statshots, illustrations, and interviews with the authors
+Raymond Carver / Smoking with Dan Chaon - Short story and interview

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