Carve Online Workshops

Learn the basic elements of craft in a self-paced online short story workshop.


Course length and content

We currently offer two six-week courses that focus on a different element of the craft each week.

Each lesson will offer in-depth explanations, examples, and reading and writing exercises to help you better understand and hone your use of the craft.

All reading assignments come direct from the Carve Magazine online archives to ground your studies in contemporary, published content.


study tracks

You can choose from two study tracks:

Self-study: You'll receive a new lesson each week with your assignments for you to complete on your own schedule. You can interact with other students taking the course and participate in online discussions.

Guided Feedback: You'll be assigned a mentor and given a weekly deadline to submit your reading and writing exercises. Your mentor will review and comment with written feedback to reinforce critical thinking and encourage continued analysis. Limited to 10 students per course.


delivery platform

We use the Wet Ink platform to deliver lesson content. With Wet Ink, you'll be able to:

+Log in and complete lessons anywhere with an internet connection
+Chat with other students currently taking the course
+Share your own writings and start discussions with other students
+Submit all your writings and responses in one place with no need to save or email files.

Additionally, you get to keep all of your content at the conclusion of the class.


Elements of craft for beginners I

Topics: Overview, Point-of-View, Dialogue, Inner Monologue, Description, Character.

$59 - Self-study
$119 - Guided Feedback

Next class start dates:
August 24


Elements of craft for beginners II

Please note: Beginners I is a pre-requisite to take this class.

Topics: Conflict vs. Tension, Use of Senses, Imagery, Metaphors & Similes, Narrative Voice, Threading.

$59 - Self-study
$119 - Guided Feedback

Next class start dates:
November 9