BOLD indicates story featured in Premium Edition

Name Story Title Accepted Publication
Mel Wells A Missionary Position Salamander Magazine
Ryan Dempsey Animals Almost 5Q
Lauren Mead Courtship and the Art of Retaliation The Danforth Review
Stephanie Austin Flow Eclectica Magazine
Michael Caleb Tasker Some Kind of Heaven The Georgetown Review
Dominic Laing Filthy Animals Diverse Arts Project
Priscilla Mainardi The End of Shiny Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine
Matthew Di Paoli Seven Deer Tails Poydras Review
Gary Lemus Woody Allen Raped My Hamster Esquire Magazine
R Benedito Ferrao Curator of Cans Tambdi Mati
Chris Connolly Subterranean Number Eleven Magazine
Lynn Levin Monkey Island YARN: Young Adult Review Network
Jonathan Papernick The Price of Admission Post Road Magazine
BJ Fischer The True Story of Valley Forge Fries Blue Lake Review
Lee Morgan The RunAway The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine
Lucas Loredo No Detours Southwest Review
Mark Wagstaff My Old School Tethered by Letters
Christopher Bell 3 Day Weekend Broadkill Review
Cristina Del Canto Green Trails Days Loch Raven Review
Ihab Hassan Charadea Fiction International
Ihab Hassan The Gratitude of Strangers Alaska Quarterly Review
Kim Fehr The Remarkable Baobab The Fieldstone Review, USask
Lynn Levin A Visit to the Old House Rathalla Review
Jane McAdams Drowning Perceptions Literary Magazine
Rayne Debski The Weight of Air mslexia
Will Adam Powers of Persuasion Eclipse
Glenn Deutsch Little Guy Confrontation
Gotham Mamik Worship Papercuts
Gotham Mamik Immigrant Hack Writers
Rebecca Dimyan Half Life L'Allure des Mots
Kate Scarpetta Making a Point in a L-Triangle Five Quarterly
Timothy Caldwell Time and Again Ginosko Literary Journal
T L Sherwood Standing with Stair Legs Page & Spine
Ciahnan Darrell Normal, Iowa Ishaan Literary Review
Robyn Ryle Far from Home Barleby Snopes
Simon A Smith Lord of the Manor Tincture Journal
William Masters Choreography eFiction
Rachael Ratliff Rituals of Lonely Men Driftwood Press
Chris Drabick The Asian Longhorned Beetle Great Lakes Review
Lisa Alexander The Hill of Invisible Foxes Meridian
Lisa Alexander That Magic Box Prick of the Spindle
Ray Morrison What Courage Looks Like StorySouth
Becky Browder The Russian Bride Big Muddy
Michael Martin Ilsa, Ilke, Costas and Pie Braddock Avenue Books
Michael Martin Made Just for Ewe Braddock Avenue Books
Courtney Sender We Can Practice Starts Michigan Quarterly Review
Stefanie Freele Mercy Camas - The Nature Of The West
Becky Browder The Russian Bride Big Muddy
Adrian Levet Planet Four Fourteen NarratorINTERNATIONAL
Liz Windhorst Harmer Where Anyone is Going The Dalhousie Review
Anisa Irwin Tomorrow is a New Day Every Day Fictioin
Toby Hecht Going Without The MacGuffin
William Adam Powers of Persuasion Eclipse
Debbie Urbanski Settlement Massachusetts Review
Lawrence Farrar A Good Steward Tampa Review Online
Lawrence Farrar Roundup in Tokyo Curbside Splendor E-Zine
Lawrence Farrar Mourners Bryant Literary Review
Adrian Levet The Pines NarratorINTERNATIONAL
Christian Linville To Remember Not Corium Magazine
Cathy Herbert Denny's Girl Kelsey Review
Heidi James The Sun Trap Penny Shorts
Philicia Montgomery The Closet Crab Fat Magazine
Mollie McNeil The Red Box Blue Lake Review
Raymond Belli Employee of the Month Potluck Magazine
Polly Buckingham Void of Course Void of Course