2010 Raymond Carver Contest

Returning after Carve's yearlong hiatus...

Prizewinners - Published in the Winter 2010 issue
1st place - $1000: “The White Rabbit” by Maire Cooney in Glasgow, UK
2nd place - $500: “Unpracticed Altitudes” by Shaun Hamill in Hurst, Texas
3rd place - $250: “When You Cross the Border” by Molly Greeley in Ellicott City, Maryland
Editor’s Choice - $125: “It Was So Many Years Ago” by Amber Krieger in Portland, Oregon


Honorable Mention
“The Appointment” by Frances Gonzalez



This year there was no guest judge. Top 3 prizes were determined by Editor-in-Chief Matthew Limpede and Editor’s Choice was awarded by Managing Editor Kristin vanNamen.